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A Lot-A-bout Us

Lot-a-Burger is known as "A Square Meal on a Round Bun"

The franchise, Lot-A-Burger originated in Tulsa,

Oklahoma in 1951.  Some time ago, the Memphis locations

parted ways with the Oklahoma, leaving only two Lot-a-Burgers here in the city.

One was located on North Danny Thomas, which is now permanently closed, leaving only one 

operating location, which still remains at 2260 South Third Street.

Lot-A-Burger is and has always been a

local historic gem in the heart of South Memphis centrally positioned between several other historic neighborhoods such as: Whitehaven, Westwood, Orange Mound and Downtown. 

We specialize in American cuisine offering juicy gourmet burgers, delicious philly cheesesteaks,

thick and frosty milk shakes, plus much more.

The culture of the city relies on a Lot-a-flavor.

So, it brings us significant satisfaction to provide quality food and optimal service. 


"There is nothing like a good old fashion greasy burger in a brown paper bag with some seasoned fries, and a delicious milkshake to top it all off!"


Lot-A-Burger’s long history of providing good food started with our aunt, Cosa Thomas. She paved the way to keep our family business thriving and in high demand.  We pride ourselves on serving our customers in a clean, safe, family environment and our menu items are freshly cooked to order.

So, what some may consider a small grungy and old burger joint, is known to be the tastiest burger joint in the heart of

Savory South Memphis!

Meet The Team

Family Owned
Memphis Grown

Come and See what all the Hype is all about!

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